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This website is an evolving statement by the Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group (TAPG) of the Association of Experiential Education (AEE) aimed at describing our professional group.  It is an effort to bring about an open forum for discussion and learning that is representative of this field of practice. 

We invite a broad range of readers including practitioners, insurance companies, government monitors, other professional organizations, students, teachers, consumers, and the general public.We do not assume that our thoughts are inclusive of every application of adventure therapy across the world or even within the United States. 


The Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group is committed to the development and promotion of adventure-based programming and the principles of experiential education in therapeutic settings. We are also committed to the professional development of our members and the profession as a whole.

Statement of Purpose

Therapeutic Adventure is the professional group for those AEE members who work within the fields of health, mental health, corrections, education, and other human service fields. Our primary purpose is to facilitate networking for professionals within our various fields and share information, techniques, and concerns regarding the therapeutic use of adventure. We define therapeutic as moving toward healthy change with intentional interventions.  We represent the interests of our membership to the Board and larger professional communities through workshops, conference and pre-conference activities, and best practices development.

Leadership Council & Contact Information

The Leadership Council structure affords the most representation of membership possible, supporting the membership and mission and purpose of TAPG. The Council coordinates activities and provides direction for the professional group. Leadership Council members serve for a term of 3 years. The Council currently has the following positions:





Christine Norton

Texas, USA

Vice Chair

Anita Tucker

New Hampshire, USA


Christopher Old

California, USA


Lynnette Spencer

Illinois, USA

Professional Development

Nick Magle-Haberek

Ontario, CA

Publications Coordinator

Andrea Knepper

Illinois, USA

Membership Coordinator

Fred Borroel

Texas, USA

External PR Coordinator

Steve Javorski

New Hampshire, USA


Adventure Therapy Best Practices:
 Adventure Therapy Best Practices:
In an effort to bring our best practices to life through examples of practical application, we are requesting submission of case studies for an annual publication. These case studies will illustrate the use of adventure therapy interventions and inform practitioners. For information on how to submit a case study, please use the link above. 



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